Wherever the train takes me / Vol. 1


This week I’m finally going to upload the first (of many? hopefully lol) series of beats from an ongoing project called Wherever the train takes me. As I mentioned previously in some old blog post of mine (I’m too lazy to backtrack HAHAHA), I brought my netbook and MIDI keyboard with me during my trip to Japan last Spring–and I got to make some beats while I was there, during downtime (especially when I sprained my ankle in Osaka and when I was sick in Tokyo HAHAHA). I made rough drafts for (almost) every place I went to and I continued working on them when I got home.

I didn’t really have a solid concept in mind while I was working on it, and I only thought of grouping them under one project when I was almost done–I realized that the places I referenced to happened to be train station names (or at least near one).

Making music abroad–and doing it in Japan–was surreal for me cause for one, I love Japan more than anything in the world, more than myself ahhaha, and I remember five years ago when I was there for my student exchange program, I started getting into producers like Lone, SBTRKT, FaltyDL, Disclosure, Toro y Moi, Yasutaka Nakata of Capsule, etc. and that period in time was one of the first instances I thought of my interest in producing electronic music.

It was also my first time traveling with ~*music gear*~ cause usually I document my trips through my Fisheye film camera, my phone camera, or I bring a notebook with me (I even make travel scrapbooks HAHAHAHAHA)–it became way for me to ~*immortalize*~ my travels in another format. Each place holds a different meaning to me and a different story (I came up with the track Kagurazaka while I was recovering from my post-tattoo procedure fever), and through music I was able to turn what I felt about each place in a tangible form.

When I finished everything, I asked my friend Ryan, who happens to be one of the best illustrators in Manila (his portfolio would attest to that), to create the album art for it, and we got to discuss the project when he was conceptualizing the design. During our discussion, I realized I could make it an ongoing project since I travel every now and then and I decided I’m just going to bring my MIDI keyboard with me everywhere forever HAHAHA.

I guess that’s it lol, Wherever the train takes me / Vol. 1 will be up on August 15 on my Soundcloud and Bandcamp

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